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Creating a Digital Media Content and Operations Management System to Promote a New Communication Network Service called China’s Mullyeon Network



Visitors are given RFID tag bracelets containing their information for use during the experience program.

Welcome Movie

Visitors can create their own avatars by touching the screen with the bracelet tags they received upon registration.

Current Status and Future of Pearl River Delta and IOT

This video projection program shows the development of the Pearl River Delta and the businesses of WIOT. After the show is over, the screen door automatically opens to guide visitors as they move to the next experience space.

WIOT New City Service

Combining urban planning miniatures and projections, the urban network is demonstrated in stereoscopic images. Visitors are able to view the model with the rotation kiosk cameras installed around the miniatures. The miniature data is displayed on the kiosk screens.

Future Furniture City

Visitors can watch a show on the screen and enjoy interactive experiences about services that will be available at future furniture stores in this U-shaped space.

Media Stream

Visitors can check the growth of their avatars by placing their bracelet tags on the Media Stream.

Smart PLM

The entire process from production to delivery of a product is demonstrated, step by step, on multiple monitors.

Smart Home

Visitors can view images of future homes by using gesture and body movements.

Smart Market

Visitors can view a product`s information by placing it on a media table in the virtual market space.

Smart Warehouse

When a visitor places a cargo box on the rack in the warehouse, a video presentation is screened to demonstrate operations at the smart warehouse. After the show finishes, the visitor can watch the cargo box move on the conveyor belt.

Smart Conference

The Media table is capable of supporting multi-party conferences Conference attendants can view the conference data by using touch functions, and the meeting host can also control the displays for attendees.

Planning, UI/UX and GUI, Video Contents, Management Software System, and Hardware

Samsung SDS China




Exhibition, interactive, newmedia, WORK