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Trick Art Season II

By using optical illusion images (autostereogram) that turn two-dimensional pictures into three-dimensional scenes and media, we introduce a new artistic experience to visitors.KINTEX Exhibition(Trick art museum)
“From optical illusion painting to 2nd experiential media installation generation’s work “
With optical illusion painting that express flat surface painting to three dimensional and media, showing a new trick art work to the audience.


Famous Paintings Playing Music

As visitors approach, sections of the famous paintings play music as if they were actually moving. LCD screens are embedded in some parts of the 2-D painting for some unexpected realism.

Four Seasons

These works express the marvelous sensations of Korea’s four seasons. Depending on the movements of visitors, the scenic views featuring spring, summer, autumn, and winter come to life.

Worlds under Your Knees

Chroma key technology transports visitors to new places such as distant planets or unexplored jungles for a unique interactive experience.
Room Running through Time

Projection mapping technology allows visitors to feel the thrill of swiftly running into four-dimensional space.

Crystal Mountain

Projection mapping technology transforms a huge mountain-like structure into a crystal mountain. It interacts with the movements of visitors with five different themes.

Digital Aquarium

The aquarium shows visitors a moving story about the deep-sea. A circular panorama with a diameter of 8 meters introduces a new level of visual aesthetics and invites participatory interaction.


Planning, UI/UX and GUI, Video Contents, Management Software System, and Hardware


Innocean Worldwide




Digital Signage, Exhibition

digital signage, Exhibition, interactive, Kids, newmedia