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T.um / SK Telecom

We implemented the Future View Experience Media of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Experience Center T.um which was reopened by SK Telecom. T.um Future Hall consists of storytelling in order to experience the journey of the state-of-the-art “Highland” city in 2047.


[Space Control Center / Captain Bripping ]

Using Projection Mapping technology, which recognizes the point of a person’s face, the Dawson Captain has implemented the experience of giving visitors a comprehensive briefing on the space control center.

[Space Control Center / Network Telescope ]

We connected a network of radio telescopes to create a technology for observing celestial bodies. Through WebSphere Projection and Transparent OLED, multi-display media were constructed and the control of the screen was implemented in an evolving manner by applying sensing technology that responds to Dawson’s gestures.

[Space Control Center / 360-degree Remote Video Connection ]

By establishing a future disaster situation with Unreal Engine, Oculus VR implemented realistic analysis.

[Space Control Center / Network Drone ]

We created a network drone model to create an environment in which video is transmitted in real time.

[Medical Room / Artificial Intelligence Doctor ]

The medical capsule scans and diagnoses the patient’s condition through Transparent OLED and Interactive dialogs and implements the artificial intelligence doctor with Visual Motion.

[Medical room / sensory communication ]

The medical capsule implements sensory communication equipment that participates in the surgical process of patients and produces content that experiences the process of performing surgery remotely.

[hologram conference room / 3D video conference ]

By applying 3D holograms for the first time in Korea, we have established a multi-party real-time picture conference environment.


Planning, Design, UX Content, GUI, Video Content, S/W Development


SK Telecom




AR/VR, Exhibition