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CES 2018 Hyundai Motors Exhibition

Curved Kinetic Media Display

At the world’s largest consumer electronics show CES 2018, the world’s largest IT fair in Las Vegas, the company has produced a Kinetic Show exhibition to promote Hyundai Motor’s next generation hydrogen vehicle NEXO and interactive content to experience the future of smart hydrogen society.

Kinetic Show
This is an X-ray media art show that connects 15 curved displays around an incision vehicle to a Kinetic device. The Kinetic device, which moves precisely to match the motion graphic symbolizing the new technology and clean energy of the hydrogen electric vehicle, is controlled by its own built Kinetic Control software, which captures the eye of the viewer and clearly communicates the brand’s image through the accurate Sync.

Hydrogen Life Vision
This is an IoT experience for smart homes operated with energy produced by hydrogen electric vehicles and a driving simulation experience for NEXO’s ability to clean up the air. Real-time render technology based on the Unreal Games engine enables high-quality automotive visuals.

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